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These canvas hats come from the PARAÍBA PROVINCE (PB)

in North-Eastern Brazil near JOÁO PESSOA

They are hand-made in the homes

 of the poorest rural people.

The material used is the canvas of recycled truck tarpaulins.

This explains the many patches, repairs and seams.

You may find some with lettering on them in Portuguese.

They make a great fishing hat or golf hat as they repel rain.

They provide great protection in the hot sun because the

material has already acquired many years of experience 

covering produce and goods in equatorial Brazil.

There are 3 sizes: S / M / L

(...but sizes are not always exact as each is hand-made, although we

have discovered that the hats tend to stretch a bit,

and they will fit very comfortably with use.)

Each hat is distinctly different and as there are no two alike,

please have fun selecting the perfect one for you. 

Enjoy your hat, and we thank you for helping

support these very skilled people.